Lou Bernstein’s
One Hundred Eighty Seven
Recognized Lifetime Acknowledgments
Grand Street Settlement House, New York, 1950
The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1959
   Director of Photography: Edward Steichen
   “The Family of Man” Exhibited Globally on Six Continents,
   Guatamala City, 1955, Paris, France
   Tokyo, Japan (243,000 people attended the exhibtion)
Museum Château de Clervaux, Luxembourg, 1964
The University of Arizona
   Center for Creative Photography, Tucson, Arizona, 1978
   Curator: Britt Salvesen
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, 1980
   Curator: Anne Wilkes Tucker
University of Kansas Museum of Art, Kansas, Missouri, 1970
The International Center of Photography, New York, 1992
   Executive Director: Cornell Capa
The Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio, 2003
   Curator: Catherine Evans
The Jewish Museum, New York, 2008
   Curator: Mason Klein
The Photo Gallery of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
   Gallery Owner: Frank Mazzocchi


Over 60 Shows and Exhibitions, both indivudual and group shows, including:

Milan Photographic Milan, Italy 1949
Village Camera Club, 1948
Newburgh Camera club, 1951
Museum of Modern Art, New York 1951
Museum of Modern Art, The Family of Man, 1955
Photographers Gallery, 1955
USIA-Kongrass Halle, Germany, 1957
National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1957
Limelight, New York 1957
Eastman House, Rochester, New York 1958
Image Gallery, West New York, New Jersey, 1959
The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1959
Manhattan College, Bronxville, New York, 1960
Brooklyn Camera Club, Brooklyn, New York, 1961
National Urban League, America’s Many Faces, New York, 1961
Terrain Gallery, Vision and Division, New York, 1962
Karen Horney Clinic, New York, 1962
DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, Mass. 1963
Hicks Street Gallery, Brooklyn New York, 1963
Museum Château de Clervaux, Luxembourg, 1964
College of Worcester, Worcester, Mass. 1966
Expo ‘67, Canada, Montreal, Canada, 1967
University of Hawaii, Honolulu, 1967
Terrain Gallery, Retrospective, New York, 1967
Photokina, Cologne, Germany, 1968
The University of Kansas Museum of Art, Kansas, Missouri, 1970
Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn New York, 1969
Camera Club of N.Y., 1975
Inner Vision Foundation, New York, 1975
International Center of New York, 1976
Soho Photo Gallery, New York, 1976
New York City Golden Age Art Exhibition, New York, 1977
Children’s Aid Society, Street Kids, 1864-1977
National Gallery of Canada, Photo League, Ottawa, 1978
Museum of Fine Arts of Houston, Texas, Photo League, 1978
International Center of Photography, New York,
Photo League, 1980
University of Iowa Museum of Art, Photo League, 1979
Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin
Photo League, 1980
Minneapolis Institute of Art, Photo League, 1978
Midtown Young Mens Hebrew Association,
Children at Play, 1978
Eleventh Street Gallery, New York, 1979
Terrain Gallery, New York, 1980
Dan Wolf Gallery Inc., New York, 1980
International Center of Photography, New York, 1981
North Salem Gallery, Bedford Hills, New York, 1982
Lidel Gallery, New York, 1984
Gallery Association of New York State, 1986 - 1989
  Three year circulated exhibit: The Photo League.
Manes Gallery, Prague, Poland, 1989
The Queens Museum, Queens, New York, 1989
The International Center of Photography, New York, 1992
Central Park Zoo Gallery, New York City, 1992
New York Aquarium, Brooklyn, New York, 1992, 1993
The Government of Luxembourg
“The Family of Man” Exhibition
Refectoire des Jacobins / Château d’ Eau Gallery
Toulouse, France, 1993, 1994
Tokyo, Japan, Bell Commons, 1993, 1994
Hiroshima, Japan, Chugoku Electric Power Co, 1994
Stephen Daiter Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, 2001
The Jewish Museum, New York, 2002
The Museum of Lifestyle and Fashion History,
    Delray Beach, Florida, 2003, 2004
Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio, 2003
The Musée de I’Elysée, Lausanne. Switzerland, 2003
The Photo Gallery of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y. 2003
The Photo Gallery of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y. 2004
The Harid Conservatory, Boca Raton, Florida, 2004
The Photo Gallery of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y. 2005
The Photo Gallery of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y.
    2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
The International Center of Photography, New York, 2009
Columbus Museum of Art, OH, "Shout Freedom" - Traveling Show
    Muskegon Museum of Art, MN, August 26th - November 7th, 2010
    Ball State University Museum of Art, IN. Jan. 21th - March 20th, 2011
    Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, IA, May 21st - Sept. 4th, 2011
The Radical Camera, The Photo League, 1936-1951
    The Jewish Museum, New York, Nov 4, 2011 - March 25, 2012
    The Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, April 19, 2012 September 9, 2012
    The Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, California
                                                         October 11, 2012 - January 21, 2013
    The Norton Museum of Art, Palm Beach, Florida
                                                         March 14, 2013 - June 16, 2013
CoA Space - The Family of Man Exhibition, Seongnam Art Center
     Seoul, South Korea, October 8 - September 20, 2013


The New York Times, Jack Deschin, 1946 through 1970’s
American Society of Magazine Photograpers, 1950
Newburgh News, New York, 1951
Modern Photography, 1955
New York World Telegram, 1959
Critique, Camera 35, 1968-1972
American Society of Magazine Photographers, 1972
The?Photo Reporter, February 1976
Vanguard, Brooklyn College, 1977
University of Neurology of Germany, 1980
Popular Photograpy - Shows We’ve Seen, May 1981
New York Photo District News, August 1981
French Newspaper Review (“Photos in New York”), 1981
The New York Times, John Durniak, 1992


Cooper Union, New York City, 1971
The New York Phoenix Schools of Design, 1971, 1972, 1973


Camera 35 Magazine: Author of “Critique” Column, 1968, 1969,
1970, 1971, 1972


Articles about Mr. Bernstein’s work have appeared in over
50 magazines and books, including:

International Photography Annual, 1949
American Society of Magazine Photographers, 1951-1952
U.S. Camera Annual, 1950, 1952, 1953
Parade, 1951
New York World Telegram, 1951-1959
Photography Annual, 1950, 1952, 1953
The Camera, (Swiss), 1952
Coronet, 1952, 1953, 1954
New York Journal American, 1952
Photography, 1952, 1953, 1955
Exakta Guide, 1953
Modern Photography, 1955
Du, 1955
Universal Photo Almanac, 1955
The Family of Man, 1955, 1958, 1983, 1986. 1988
(more than 3 million copies sold)
New York Sunday Times, 1955, 1959, 1962, 1967
35 M.M. Camera Techniques, 1956
Classic Photography, Summer Issue, 1957
Photography of the World (Japan), 1957
Sociology of Holland (Dutch), 1959
Leica Guide, 1960
Leica World, 1960
Konica Handbook, 1960
Popular Photography, 1961
Writing Through Vision (Bantam Books), 1963
Shakespeare‘s Hamlet Revisited (poster), 1963
American Lutheran Church Workbook, 1963
Family Weekly, 1964
Writer’s Digest, 1964
New York Sunday Herald Tribune, 1964
Encyclopedia of Photography, 1964
Natural History, 1964, 1965
What’s There: Lou Bernstein‘s Photographs
(Terrain Gallery), 1965
Afternoon Regard for Photography, 1967
Camera 35, February/March Issue, 1968
“We Have Been There,” ER, 1969, 1970
The Brooklyn Museum II, 1969
U.S. Camera Annual, 1970
Time-Life Documentary Photography, 1972
Infinity, 1972
Childs Play, 1973
The Photo Reporter, 1976
The Brooklyn College Vanguard, 1977
The Photo District News, 1981
Life Library of Photography, 1976
Faces, Ben Maddow, 1977
The Photograph Collectors Guide, Witkin, 1980
The International Center of Photography,
A Retrospective Look, 1981
Popular Photography, 1981, 1986, 1989
New York Zoological Society, Annual Report, 1987, 1988
The International Center of Photography, New York
Annual Report, 1992
Fotografare (Italian Pub), 1992
Reflections On An Aquarium, Drum Communications, 1992
Sea Frontiers, 1993
Brooklyn Bridge, 1997
This Was The Photo League, Stephen Daiter Gallery, 2001
Louis Bernstein, The Photo League Years, New York, 2001
Cityscapes, Columbia University Press, 2001
New York, Capital of Photography, Yale University Press, 2002
Page to Stage, Perfect Learning Corp, 2002
Magazine “NICO”, 2006
Fleuron de Culture / Culture in Luxembourg, 2006
Mois de la Photo, 2006
“Photography Now”, 2007
The Radical Camera - 2011, New York Photo League, 1936 -1951


NBC—The Prime of Your Life, May 1981


National Urban League, 1951
Photography, 1953
New York City, Golden Age Exhibition, 1977
National Endowment For The Arts, Washington, D.C., 1981
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Lou Bernstein (1911 - 2005)